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Which foods contain cholesterol?

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 4:58 pm    Post subject: Which foods contain cholesterol?  Reply with quote

Which foods contain cholesterol?

Most cholesterol in the body is made in the liver from saturated fat in the diet, thus the important thing is to reduce your saturated fat intake as much as possible.

Fatty meats and full-fat dairy products are particularly high in saturated fat.

Some foods e.g. prawns are high in cholesterol, but low in saturated fat. Cholesterol intake per se should not be excessive, but it plays a much lesser role than saturated fat in determining your blood cholesterol level.

Most plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and cereal grains contain no fat or cholesterol.

What foods should you avoid?

Cream, butter, cheeses, icecream, milk
Vegetable fats such as palm oil or vegetable shortenings, some margarines
Takeaways and fried or roasted foods that have had fat or oils added to them
Meat pies, pastry, croissants, cheese-coated bread
Sausage, luncheon sausage, salami
Cakes, biscuits, puddings
Chocolate and snack bars high in fat
Roasted, salted nuts, crisps, crackers
Alcohol - reduce to two evenings per week or drink low alcohol versions of wine and beer
Eggs - no more than three per week

Foods to enjoy

High fibre foods help to produce HDL cholesterol. Include daily:
Wholegrain breads, cereals, brown rice, wholegrain pasta
Leave skins on vegetables and eat them e.g. potatoes, kumara, taro
Use wholegrain rolled oats for porridge or muesli, or add oat bran to breakfast cereals
Avoid sugar and white flour in cooking and baked goods
Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamin C which protect the artery walls. Include daily:

Three servings of fruit - raw, cooked, or tinned without sugar
Two to five servings of vegetables - either raw as salads or lightly cooked.
Include both green and red/yellow/orange vegetables
Choose lean meats, skinned poultry, or fish to reduce LDL cholesterol

Use lean meats, cut all visible fat off, buy low-fat mince
Do not eat the skin on poultry
Eat up to three fish meals a week. Fish helps to reduce LDL levels
Do not roast or fry foods. Instead, grill, bake, boil, or steam
Take care with dairy foods

Use low-fat yoghurts, cottage cheeses, ricotta, quark and reduced-fat yellow cheeses
Keep milk intake down and low in fat
Keep cheeses such as cheddar, fancy cheeses, and fetta cheeses to a minimum
Try soy milk for a change and use soy beans, tofu, and soy icecream
Avoid icecream - use low fat and low sugar versions or fruit-based jellies and sorbets
Coconut cream and milk are high in saturated fat which produces LDL cholesterol
Go vegetarian

Eat dishes containing beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, tofu and tempeh - these do not contain cholesterol and they are high in fibre
Eat pastry-less quiches, and lasagne dishes made with ricotta, cottage, or quark cheeses
Use the good oils

Use monounsaturated oils and margarines e.g. olive and canola, these raise HDL cholesterol levels
Avoid using butter, a saturated fat, or only use small amounts of unsalted butter
Polyunsaturated oils such as sunflower, safflower, corn, soy, and nut oils will lower LDL cholesterol, but may also reduce the level of HDL cholesterol
Choose takeaway foods that have minimal frying such as stir-fried Asian dishes
Choose low-fat mayonnaises, soups, sauces, and salad dressings
Further tips for lowering cholesterol
Exercise daily for a minimum of half an hour
Reduce stress where possible
Drink less tea, coffee, chocolate drinks and colas
Stop smoking (smoking reduces the good HDL cholesterol)
Aim for a healthy body weight
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All foods from animals contain some cholesterol . This includes  meats, such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and fish. It also includes dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. Organ meats, such as liver, are especially high in cholesterol. Egg yolks contain cholesterol, too. Some shellfish, such as shrimp, crayfish, and lobster, contain more cholesterol than most  meals.

However, they are also low in saturated fat, so it's OK to make them part of your healthy diet, as long as you eat them only in moderation. Also, even though fish contains cholesterol, you can help lower your cholesterol by eating at least two servings of fish each week in place of meat. You can do this because many types of fish are relatively low in satured fat.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only animal products foods/products contain cholesterol, plant foods do not. Dietitians always recommend a low fat, high fiber though not necessarily a vegetarian diet when a person suffers from high cholesterol.
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well written article,cholesterol is something which should be avoided as much as we can because it's the base of being obese.
What you have written is undoubtedly correct these foods should be taking in moderation or be avoided completely for a better heath.

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